Monday, 14 May 2012

DIY : Press Dried Flowers

Its been a little while since my last post, as the weather is now quite chilly here in Brisbane and we are all in our winter clothes.  There seems to be fewer and fewer hours each day while tending to my baby and toddler.  The juggle between being mum, running a business and doing household chores does not leave alot of time.  I decided to take much fewer event and trade bookings this year so the balance between motherhood and business would be easier, and I am slowly getting more efficient with how I manage my time as we get into a better routine. Our darling baby girl is now 5 months, and older daughter who is almost 4. 

My eldest loves foraging through the garden to collect little blooms to place in her bedroom vase.  She loves finding even the most tinny little blooms, many of which are actually weeds and then arranges them into the most beautiful of arrangements.  We also love to press the flowers in books and then use them on cards or collages on home bound days.  So I thought I would share this every easy activity anyone can do at home.

This is a great little activity for anyone with little ones, or anyone wanting to save memories from a special bouquet given to them by a loved one.  I find that the more colourful the flower, the better the end result.  All the white or yellow flowers I have tried so far look bruised and pretty yucky.  But sweet little Pansies and Viola's are perfect.  You most likely will have everything you need for this little activity already at home, but here is what you will need;

- A handful of blooms (the more delicate the better as they press really easy)
- A phone book
- Acid free paper
- Second weight to place ontop of the phone book - i.e another book

Create your own press dried flowers;

1. Cut the stems of the flowers short to around 10-15cm.   You can even remove the stems for more delicate flowers like Poppies and Pansies, however I like the look of stems once dried so I ususally keep them on.

2. Open your phone book around half way.

3. Fold a piece of acid free paper and place the fold at the middle point of the book.

4. Place the blooms on the paper and gently push down so they become a little flat.  Make sure your hands are clean as we have acids on our fingers which can cause additional bruising to the blooms.

5. Fold over the acid free paper, and close the phone book.

6. Leave blooms for approximately 3 weeks, and do not open before 2 weeks to check their progress.

7. You can then use the blooms in frames or glue onto gift cards or presents.

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