Saturday, 28 April 2012

The "Dogen" has new friends

On the only hot day this summer (a few months ago) we lost one of our chicken - "Nugget". At the time I was worried whether "Zinger" our other chicken would survive on her own - based on a quick Google and many references to chickens being pack animals and that on its own it would get depressed and die. So feeling guilty I and left "Zinger" to do her own thing.

Bert organised Zinger for a photo shoot
We decided to let her roam around the backyard whenever and where ever she wanted ... since we got our chickens years ago we have never had any issues with foxes so I am a bit laissez faire when it comes to putting them away. I think our dogs deter most predators.

She quickly formed a very strong bond with our two Border Collies - Mack and Paddy. Mack and Paddy have never shown much interest hurting the chickens other than stealing the odd egg, taking first dibs on any scraps that were placed in the backyard and rounding them up when they were bored. She even took to sleeping on the chairs on the deck and not her house. Then came the random laying.

If you have a "dogen" finding her eggs can sometimes be a challenge. And when you do find them, ensuring that they are fresh... you need: How to tell if an egg is still good?

Darcy chasing the chickens around the backyard
Last weekend when my niece's and sister were visiting I decided it was time for our "dogen" to have some new friends. So one week down we are now back to a pack of three. They all seem to be getting on - "Zinger" is struggling having to live in the chicken tractor. So I think tomorrow I might let them all out for a while.

The girls in their house

Darcy with Zinger and Macky

Do you have a chicken that is odd or thinks that its a dog?

Me with Zinger