Monday, 12 March 2012

Beautiful String Gardens

I have been a busy bee over the last couple of weeks, with the extension of my flower patch at our house to grow even more beautiful blooms and foliage for this year's weddings, in between baby feeds and social outings for the toddler.  I have found some interesting and unique old world blooms which I finished planting this afternoon, so now I can sit back and watch them grow over the coming months.

While looking for gardening inspiration on Pinterest, I stumbled upon this fabulous artist and I am in awe of his amazing plant creations/sculptures. I am still not sure of his name, however his business is called String Gardens and is work is seriously beautiful.

The idea is simple - individual plants hung in earth and moss ball masses hovering over the ground, however the creations he makes are truly marvellous and obviously complex using flowers, vegetables, trees for the hanging gardens.  Each are individual and different to one another based on the subject plant attached to the earth ball and how it is to hang above the ground.

I also found a tutorial on how to make these string gardens on Design Sponge so going to give it a go when I have a free moment.

Would love to know if anyone has tried making string gardens before and how it went!


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