Monday, 27 February 2012

Hello from the Forage Sisters!

Welcome to Forage!
We are two sisters living in separate places in Australia, Cynthia in Canberra and Roberta in Brisbane. We love to forage – from growing our own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers to hunting through op shops and recycling centres to up-cycle pre-loved goods. 

Yes this is us as little girls feeding the local ducks.  Five minutes later
I would have been bitten and Cynthia would have chased them into the lake...

We both have young families and love to share the joys of the outdoors with our children. We are the modern urban gardeners.  We are not experts by any means but we love learning new techniques from friends and other enthusiasts.

We both juggle working with bringing up two small children (or on bad days taming lions).
Two of the most beautiful ladies who taught
us the love of gardening!

Roberta is a florist (Green and Bloom ) so her garden revolves around growing beautiful pretties to fill wedding bouquets and tables. While Cynthia is an amateur cook and her garden is primarily edible - still on the mission for building and growing the ultimate kitchen garden.  Cynthia's favourite Australian chef/cook is Stephanie Alexander and swears by the "Cooks Companion" and the "Kitchen Garden Companion". 
In our blog we hope to share with you :        
  • What is growing in our gardens
  • What seasonal produce we are using
  • Any gems we have found on our latest trip to the local op shops
  • The arts and crafts we are creating in/for our homes
  • What we are up-cycling
  • And the awesome free entertainment we have found along the way

We hope you enjoy our journey.

Till the next post.  

The Forage Sisters,
Bert & Cyn

Image credit : Photography by Karen Buckle Photography, Flowers, props and styling by Green and Bloom, Food and Drinks by Katrina Meynink - The Little Crumb.


  1. So gorgeous - love this blog already! You both have such a great idea for sweet arrangements, so it'll be sure to be pretty!

  2. Oh thank-you Katy!! We are delighted you would like to follow our journey! :)