Monday, 5 March 2012

Growing Corn ~ Brisbane

We have only tried to grow corn twice now, and the last attempt was a sad failure.  The husks appeared, and within a couple of days were full of little bugs, so nothing we could eat.

This year however our crop of corn has been wonderful.  We planted them straight into the vegie patch by seed, and only added some blood and bone to the soil before planting.  We just bought a packet of corn seeds from the local Bunnings which was approximately $3, and only used half the packet when they were planted early January of this year.  Apparently for Brisbane climate you are able to plant between September-February, so will try my luck (although I am a little late) to plant another crop to pick in 2 1/2 months time.

I'm planning on making the corn and bacon fritters I found on shown below which should make everyone in the family happy.  Have included below some images of our corn which we picked this morning. 


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